My first stickers print test is done... And fixed:)

9 months ago

Hi, guys!

I decided to keep away from complaining in my blog, cause probably everyone who reads me are already tired of this (well, if anyone does). I'll just tell it short - I'm back to my deep depression, hooooray. 

So actually it's quite hard for me to write something at the moment, but I keep drawing, and taking pics of my drawings as well, so I have at least something visual to share (which is OK cause after all I'm an artist at first place, and, I hope, a person with bipolar depression only in second one. Wish it was 100th or didn't exist at all.

So, at the moment I'm trying to develop my new blog on Instagram (support me with a follow Inber_art), and together with drawing stickers to post I take pictures of them to show them in real life. Want to share some of them with you today:)

 See you in the next post!

Love, Inber

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I'm sorry to hear depression has returned.
I love the stickers!! Can I order some?
Bear Hugs to you my friend!! 💖


You will be able to do it soon, just few final steps for my shop:)
Thank you for warm hugs <3

Wonderful stickers!!

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I loved your post!