Child flying kite Photography / niño volando cometa - Fotografía

10 months ago
in sky

I went with my nephews and nieces to spend a different Sunday afternoon, and I took advantage of doing some shots with the camera on my phone.

I wanted to share them with you.

Me fui con mis sobrinos a pasar una tarde de domingo distinta, y aproveche de hacer algunas tomas con la cámara de mi teléfono.
Quería compartirlas con ustedes.

separaor weku 2 (1) (1).png

With this smile I say goodbye...

Good start to the week.

Con esta sonrisa me despido...

Buen inicio de semana.

Note: photos taken with my Huawei Y5 phone.
Nota: Fotos captadas con mi teléfono Huawei Y5.

separaor weku 2 (1) (1).png

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Nice post brother

It was Sunday 3 days ago with you? Love the black and white photo 👍💕