Israeli barbarism: Six-year-old Palestinian children are crushed to death

last year


A Palestinian kidnapped a car in a wheelchair in West Bank of Israel At the time of the incident, six-year-old little girl Tareq was riding his bike.

The news portal 'KudsNet' said that the six-year-old Palestinian child was parked near the city of Al-Khalil Tarakumia on the west bank of the Jordan River. The city of Tarakumia is located beside the sub-city of Adura, the Zionist.

This is not the first time the killing of Palestinians by carpeting. Earlier, many such incidents have caused the Jihadists.

In April, a Palestinian teacher in Bethlehem, a Palestinian who crushed Fatima Solaiman in a wheelchair, was killed by a jihadist in April. The extremist Zionist leaders have earlier encouraged the killing of Palestinian children in various speeches.

Source: Perthode

BD / 16 July, 2015 / Arafat,


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