Seasonal Change (Original Photography)

9 months ago


Summer has seemed both long and short at the same time. The chill of winter lingered until the end of May and it was almost as if we didn't have a spring, but went straight into summer. The season's end was much the same, with hot temps dropping off abruptly and even an early snow shower. This week, however, we have gotten some more typical autumn weather.

Making ample use of the sun and warm temperatures, I headed off to see what the prairie had to offer.


Most of the prairie plants have become dry and scraggly. Where a month ago they were covered in flowers and swarmed by all manner of pollinators, the chillier temperatures have turned everything brown and prickly.


A trail from the prairie down to the river showed the result of two years of substantial flooding. Most of the trees near the water are actually dead. Those that still have yellow leaves have managed to survive another year. With any luck, this spring will not be as wet as the previous two have been. The downed wood and colored leaves reflected in relatively still water were beautiful, though, and the cooler temperatures have ended mosquito season.


After heading to the river, I drove through the bison enclosure and up to a high point. From here, you can see across the bison enclosure to the trees beyond. The bison were easy to spot from up there, but the people driving through the "Minnesota Safari" below couldn't see them from their vehicle windows. The tall grasses obscure them well.


I returned to town along the back roads, to see some of the agricultural goings-on and found some interesting textures in the fields. I only took a couple photos, though. This was the more interesting of the two.


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